Freedom of Speech
by Steve Ortman
To the maker of this web page, Freedom of Speech is the most important amendment to the Constitution. It assures that everybody gets the right to know what's going on, and it gives everybody the chance to tell his or her mind. In a totalitarian state or any other ... government only a handpicked few get to know what is going on because knowledge is power.
But there are aspects of Freedom of Speech that should be received with caution. Everybody has the right to say what he wants, but not everybody should have the right to implement their ideas. If an organization of any sort proposes to abolish the very rights they are using, they should be restricted. Furthermore the right to Freedom of Speech should not be abused to spread bomb building plans or plans to kill, maim, or otherwise hurt people. This includes porn with children and even lies about other people or organizations. This kind of material, if proven, should not appear on the web, nor anywhere else. I think it is the obligation of every good citizen to look into this and report it. Unfortunately the world wide web is, which is in other areas great, a world wide medium and there should be an international understanding about these sometimes unwritten rules that the internet should follow in order to stay a trustworthy source of information.